Sunday, September 29 @ 12pm-5pm

During the citywide scavenger hunt, sponsored by The Go Game, teams will set out to explore different pre-selected zones or neighborhoods, where a central middle school or elementary school will act as a “Re-charge Station,” all while raising money for San Francisco public schools! Participants can stop by, pick up goodies and learn more about the school. Each team will solve a series of missions using their smart phone in order to earn points. These “missions” will be a mix of creative, fun and educational tasks that challenge the teams to work together and to explore the city in new ways. Our goal is to get 1,000 participants, and the team that completes the most missions wins.

It’s an exercise in gamification. By bringing together teachers, parents and thought leaders and asking them to work together as part of a fundraising game, we are also teaching the community more about our public schools. By using technology and gamification, we can teach participants more about the City of San Francisco and inspire them to think more about our public schools – because the more you know, the more you care.

That’s why edMatch is partnering with local businesses, Bay Area non-profits and passionate individuals to get engaged and participate while fundraising for San Francisco schools and having fun too.

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