edMatch is a fiscally sponsored program of the San Francisco School Alliance.edMatch is a local, grassroots organization run by parents of public school students building community partnerships to generate additional revenue for San Francisco’s public schools and challenging corporations and private philanthropists to “match” funds raised by parent organizations. edMatch then distributes the matching funds to all the City’s 117 public schools on an equal, per-student basis, while also sharing best practices and strategies for success. Each school then decides locally how to use those funds to achieve the greatest positive impact on student achievement.

The organization is planning the 2nd Annual Tech Savvy Scavenger Hunt to raise funds for its pilot program. The goal of the pilot program, designed to demonstrate how additional funding can be raised and distributed effectively using the edMatch model, is to raise $600,000 to distribute on a per student basis to all 13 of San Francisco’s public middle schools. If we reach our goal, each middle school will receive $50 per student in “flexible spending”. For example, if a school has 700 students, it will receive $35,000 to spend on its own site-specific priorities.

edMatch is honored to be endorsed by the following individuals and organizations:

Board of Education Commissioners

  • Hydra Mendoza
  • Emily Murase
  • Rachel Norton
  • Jill Wynns
  • Norman Yee

Board of Supervisors

  • David Campos
  • David Chiu
  • Carmen Chu
  • Malia Cohen
  • Sean Elsbernd
  • Mark Farrell
  • Jane Kim
  • Eric Mar
  • Scott Weiner

City Attorney Dennis Herrera

State Senator Mark Leno

State Senator Leland Yee

SF Director of Housing Opportunity, Partnerships and Engagement – Bevan Dufty

2nd District PTA

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

San Francisco Unified School District

San Francisco Education Fund (SF Ed Fund)

Department of Children, Youth and their Families (DCYF)